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The sandwich cartilage shoe technique for ossicular reconstruction in a case of an unsecure stapes footplate


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This article describes a new surgical method for total ossicular reconstruction in a case of a broken stapes footplate. We developed the technique of the “cartilage shoe sandwich,” which consists of two surgical steps. First, the closure of the oval window is achieved by a cartilage shoe without a central perforation. During this surgical intervention, the prearrangement of a secure placement of a total ossicular replacement prosthesis is provided by a second cartilage with a central hole that is plugged with silicone. In a staged procedure, the silicone plug is removed and the ossicular reconstruction can be performed. The audiological results of the first patients show a stable inner ear function with an air-conduction gain of 9 dB. The technique described herein has proven to be safe and reliable in total ossicular reconstruction in the event of an unsecure stapes footplate.

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