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The morphological findings of malleus and incus in a case of Marfan's syndrome


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In Marfan's syndrome, which is a connective tissue disorder of hereditary origin, collagenous tissue development and bone synthesis are generally altered in addition to the occurrence of many systemic deformities. External ear, stapes, and vestibular aqueduct pathologies are reported as some of the otological deformities. However, the malleus and incus pathologies of the ear are not reported in any study. In the morphometric measurements carried out, the distance between the malleus head and manubrium was found to be 9.8 mm. When similar measurements were carried out for the incus, the distance between the upper part of the incus body and tip of the long process was found to be 6.9 mm. All of these measurements were detected to be greater than in normal people. It can be concluded from this study that in Marfan's syndrome, in addition to the musculoskeletal alterations particularly in bone synthesis, the ossicular chain in the middle ear is also affected.