3 Tesla turbo-FLASH magnetic resonance imaging of deglutition


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In this article we describe a methodology for obtaining high-quality dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences of the swallow sequence in healthy volunteers. The study includes comparison to previous work done in our lab using a 1.5 Tesla (T) magnet.

Study Design:

Case series.


Three healthy volunteers underwent turbo-fast low angle shot MRI at 3T while swallowing liquid boluses delivered via intravenous tubing to the oral cavity. Imaging was performed in the sagittal and axial planes.


Imaging provided by this sequence provided high temporal resolution, with the ability to depict deglutition in the axial and sagittal planes. Comparison with imaging at 1.5T demonstrated benefits in temporal resolution and signal-to-noise. Anatomic information provided differed from comparative videofluoroscopy.


MRI of swallowing using the described technique is reliable and provides a unique evaluation of the swallowing sequence. Laryngoscope, 2012