• Anterolateral thigh flap;
  • maxillectomy;
  • free flap;
  • head and neck neoplasms;
  • reconstruction;
  • low resource regions;
  • Level of Evidence: 4



To report the reliability and reconstructive outcome of using anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap with or without titanium mesh to repair maxillectomy defects in a patient from a low resource region (LRR).

Study Design:

Retrospective review.


Clinical data of patients with oral-maxillofacial cancers who underwent maxillectomy and reconstruction using ALT flap in two tertiary cancer centers in southern China were retrospectively reviewed. Reconstructive techniques, flap survival, postoperative oral functions, and surgical complications were reported.


Apart from one total flap loss, 18 of the 19 free ALT flaps survived. Titanium mesh was used in two patients with total maxillectomy defects. Eighteen of the 19 patients resumed a normal oral diet. Fourteen patients had good speech, except one patient with poor pronunciation, and four patients had average speech. One patient presented with postoperative palatal fistula. No other complications were observed.


The application of ALT flaps with or without titanium mesh to repair maxillectomy defects is straightforward and reliable and has an acceptable reconstructive outcome. It might be a suitable procedure for patients from an LRR. Laryngoscope, 2012