• Pott's puffy tumor;
  • frontal sinusitis;
  • frontal osteomyelitis;
  • intracranial complication;
  • Level of Evidence: 4



Pott's puffy tumor (PPT) is defined as one or more subperiosteal abscesses of the frontal bone based on osteomyelitis. PPT is observed predominantly in the adolescent age group and rarely in adults. Some parameters affecting prognosis and an appropriate surgical approach for antecedent frontal sinusitis have not been elucidated due to the rarity of patients with adult PPT.

Study Design:

Retrospective patient record and literature study.


Five patients from our cohort and 27 patients identified in a literature search formed the study group.


The incidence rate of intracranial complications was lower than in previous reports at 29.0%. There was no correlation between the incidence rate of intracranial complications and each patient's parameters. It was indicated that the department first consulted by the patients was possibly related to the initial diagnosis and the incidence rate of intracranial complications.


Although the incidence rate of major complications is lower than in children and later than in earlier published adult cases, patients are still at high risk of serious intracranial complications. Early diagnosis and adequate treatment may contribute to reducing the incidence rate. Laryngoscope, 2012