Nonlinear surface plasmon polaritonic crystals



We present an overview of the optical properties of nonlinear surface plasmon polaritonic crystals and their applications to control light with light. Surface plasmon polaritonic crystals are periodically nanostructured metal surfaces or thin metal films that act as two-dimensional photonic crystals for surface polaritons. Hybritization of such nanostructures with dielectrics exhibiting an optical nonlinear response allows utilization of the electromagnetic field enhancement effects to observe nonlinear effects and bistable behaviour at low light intensities. By changing the geometry of the nanostructured film, the dispersion of the crystal is modified and, thus, electromagnetic mode structure and associated density of states can be controllably tuned in the desired spectral range. This provides enhanced flexibility in engineering the nonlinear optical response of plasmonic crystals in a chosen spectral range for both control and signal wavelengths.