• Fano resonance;
  • surface plasmons;
  • subwavelength nanostructures;
  • plasmonic oligomers;
  • near-field energy distribution


Recently, a large number of experimental and theoretical works have revealed a variety of plasmonic nanostructures with the capabilities of Fano resonance (FR) generation. Among these structures, plasmonic oligomers consisting of packed metallic nanoelements with certain configurations have been of significant interest. Oligomers can exhibit FR independently of the polarization direction based on dipole–dipole antiparallel modes without the need to excite challenging high-order modes. The purpose of this review article is to provide an overview of recent achievements on FR of plasmonic nanostructures in recent years. Meanwhile, more attention is given to the optical properties of plasmonic oligomers due to the high potential of such structures in optical spectra engineering.