• Optical frequency comb;
  • microwave photonic filter;
  • Nyquist zone;
  • contiguous frequency interference;
  • spurious frequencies suppression


The traditional optical frequency comb (OFC) based microwave photonic filters (MPFs) are rigidly restricted to be operated in a single “Nyquist zone”, as varieties of spurious frequencies signals coexist in the output. Here, a method for spurious frequencies suppression in the OFC-based MPF is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The method is achieved by applying group velocity dispersion on the carrier combs to separate the filter transfer functions of the spurious frequencies from that of the input radio frequency signal. It is fairly simple and effective, and has no effect on the filter characteristic. With this method, the filter pass band can be freely tuned without the limitation of the “Nyquist zone”. It can be considered as a step forward for the practical application of the OFC-based MPF.