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A new-generation color converter for high-power white LED: transparent Ce3+:YAG phosphor-in-glass



Currently, the major commercial white light-emitting diode (WLED) is the phosphor-converted LED made of the InGaN blue-emitting chip and the Ce3+:Y3Al5O12 (Ce:YAG) yellow phosphor dispersed in organic epoxy resin or silicone. However, the organic binder in high-power WLED may age easily and turn yellow due to the accumulated heat emitted from the chip, which adversely affects the WLED properties such as luminous efficacy and color coordination, and therefore reduces its long-term reliability as well as lifetime. Herein, an innovative luminescent material: transparent Ce:YAG phosphor-in-glass (PiG) inorganic color converter, is developed to replace the conventional resin/silicone-based phosphor converter for the construction of high-power WLED. The PiG-based WLED exhibits not only excellent heat-resistance and humidity-resistance characteristics, but also superior optical performances with a luminous efficacy of 124 lm/W, a correlated color temperature of 6674 K and a color rendering index of 70. This easy fabrication, low-cost and long-lifetime WLED is expected to be a new-generation indoor/outdoor high-power lighting source.