Back Cover: Deep-subwavelength light confinement and transport in hybrid dielectric-loaded metal wedges (Laser Photonics Rev. 8(4)/2014)



Hybrid dielectric-loaded metal wedges for deep-subwavelength light confinement and transport.

The goal of confining light at a deep-subwavelength scale while retaining moderate attenuation remains one of the major challenges in nanophotonics. By using hybrid metal wedges covered with lowhigh-index dielectric claddings, the authors demonstrate strategies for high performance light transport at the sub-diffraction-limited level. Nanoscale mode size, reasonable propagation distance in conjunction with low waveguide crosstalk can be achieved simultaneously.

(Picture: Yusheng Bian and Qihuang Gong, 10.1002/lpor.201300207, pp. 549–561, in this issue)