A new look – making the best of your work

Laser & Photonics Reviews strengthens its position in the field of optics


  • Guido W. Fuchs

First things first: Laser & Photonics Reviews have a new look! As you will have noticed this is the first issue with a newly designed front cover page making full use of background covering pictures. We believe that for a high-quality journal this kind of design is more attractive and also provides more room to feature your best work.

And there are further pleasant things to announce. The recently reported problems with Thomson Reuters ISI- Web of Science® could be resolved and Laser & Photonics Reviews articles are updated and again listed as usual [1]. Thomson Reuters asserted that this temporary problem will have no effect on the next impact factor (IF). And indeed our citation analysis for the IF 2013 indicates that we will not lose ground in comparison to our previous results. Furthermore, it can be assumed that the inclusion of communications in 2012 [2] will most likely not prejudice the next impact factor. Thus, we are optimistic that the journal will keep its position as one of the top optics journals according to Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report® or other citation metrics like those from Scopus or Google Scholar.

As this is the first issue in 2014 we would like to give you a brief overview of our last year's highs and lows. In 2013 we had the pleasure to welcome Manijeh Razeghi (Northwestern University, IL/USA) and Costas M. Soukoulis (Iowa State University, IN/USA) as new editorial advisory board members. Both add valuable expertise to our journal that helps us to better serve the community. But sadly, we also have to report the loss of one of our esteemed editorial advisors: Robert M. Clegg passed away late in 2012. For more details please consult the memoriam section of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [3]. We honor Robert's support for Laser & Photonics Reviews and appreciate his achievements and commitment to the optical sciences.

Our journal covers a wide range of topics in optical sciences. Figure 1 visualizes our most common topics based on a keyword count from articles published from 2007 until now. Yet, Laser & Photonics Reviews welcomes articles in nearly all sub-disciplines including nanophotonics, metamaterials, photonic crystals, nonlinear optics, optical data storage, micro- and nano-resonators, optical waveguides, or – generally – light-matter interaction.

Figure 1.

Word cloud build from keywords of published articles in Laser & Photonics Reviews (2007 to 2013):

The 2013 Laser & Photonics Reviews articles are highly valued as is evident by the increased download and high citation numbers. The three top most cited articles from 2013 are the following.

Review articles:

  1. Albert et al., Tilted fiber Bragg grating sensors [4a],
  2. Fischer et al., Three-dimensional optical laser lithography beyond the diffraction limit [4b],
  3. Baffou & Quidant, Thermo-plasmonics: using metallic nanostructures as nano-sources of heat [4c];

Communications (original papers/letter articles):

  1. Ishii et al., Sub-wavelength interference pattern from volume plasmon polaritons in a hyperbolic medium [5a]
  2. Xiao et al., Tunneling-induced transparency in a chaotic microcavity [5b]
  3. Zhang & Li, Particle sorting using a subwavelength optical fiber [5c]

In this issue we present six review articles, nine original papers and two letter articles. Starting with overview articles about laser nanofabrication (page 1), fabrication of fibre Bragg gratings (page 27), semiconductor optical fibres (page 53), excitonics of semiconductor quantum dots and wires (page 73), bioluminescence tomography (page 94), low-level light therapy (page 115), the issue continues with original papers about plasmonic waveguides (page 131), spoof surface plasmons (page 137 and 146), super-oscillatory lenses (page 152), LEDs (page 158), OLEDs (page 165 and 172), optical modulators (page 180), quantum-cascade structures (page 188) and letter articles about multimode light (page L1) and blue light emitting devices (page L6).

We wish you a healthy and successful year 2014! Keep on enjoying our journal and don't forget to submit your latest top findings to Laser & Photonics Reviews!