Submental Nd:Yag laser-assisted liposuction


  • Alberto Goldman MD

    Corresponding author
    1. Clinica Goldman of Plastic Surgery, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
    • Avenue Augusto Meyer 163 conj. 1203, Porto Alegre, RS 90550-110, Brazil.
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    • Dr. Alberto Goldman is a senior member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, member of the Brazilian Society of Laser in Medicine and Surgery, and director of Clinica Goldman of Plastic Surgery.



Liposuction of the neck is currently one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. In the present study, the author describes his experience with neck and jowl laser-assisted liposuction.

Study Design/Materials and Methods

In this procedure, submental lipodystrophy is treated with an Nd:YAG laser, at a 1,064 nm wavelength. Over a 5-year-period, 82 subjects were treated using 6-W power, 40-Hz frequency, 150-mJ energy, and 100-microsecond pulse width parameters. Histology was performed on fatty tissue samples.


Submental laser-assisted liposuction resulted in significant cosmetic improvement. Histology revealed a rupture of the adipocyte membrane as well as collagen coagulation and channels along the fatty tissue. Additionally, small blood vessels were coagulated. An adequate skin contraction was observed with an improvement of the cervicofacial region.


The Nd:YAG laser is a useful tool for the treatment of local lipodistrophy. The laser proved to be effective for cellular lysis and collagen neoformation. Lasers Surg. Med. 38:181–184, 2006. © 2006 Wiley-Liss, Inc.