Isolated right hepatic vein obstruction after piggyback liver transplantation



The “piggyback” technique for liver transplantation has gained worldwide acceptance. Still, complications such as outflow obstruction have been observed, usually attributable to technical errors such as small-caliber anastomosis of the suprahepatic vena cava, twisting, or kinking. Iatrogenic Budd-Chiari syndrome after piggyback liver transplantation has been reported as a consequence of obstruction involving the entire anastomosis (usually the 3 hepatic veins). Here we describe technical issues, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of 3 cases in which outflow obstruction affected only the right hepatic vein. In conclusion, all 3 patients developed recurrent ascites requiring angioplasty and/or stent placement across the right hepatic vein to alleviate the symptoms. Liver Transpl 12:808–812, 2006. © 2006 AASLD.