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LT_23544_sm_SuppFig1.tif926KSupporting Information Figure 1. Experimental setup in the porta hepatic. Hepatic artery and portal vein were identified and dissected free for placement of transit-time flow probes and inflatable vascular occluders. A catheter was inserted through the peripancreatic fat into the portal vein.
LT_23544_sm_SuppMov1.mp416411KSupporting Information Movie 1. Insertion, fixation and removal of the IscAlert PCO2 sensor. The video demonstrates insertion of the IscAlert PCO2 sensor in the liver via a split-cannula technique. The IscAlert sensor is equipped with a 7.0 suture, which is affixed to a resorbable 5.0 suture in the falciform ligament (human) or parenchyma (swine). Upon removal, the 7.0 suture tears apart from the 5.0 suture, thus the organ is not injured.

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