Director of anesthesiology for liver transplantation: Existing practices and recommendations by the united network for organ sharing


  • The Liver Transplant and Anesthesia Consortium surveys were funded by the Department of Anesthesiology at Vanderbilt University.

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A new Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network/United Network for Organ Sharing bylaw recommends that all centers appoint a director of liver transplant anesthesia with a uniform set of criteria. We obtained survey data from the Liver Transplant Anesthesia Consortium so that we could compare existing criteria for a director in the United States with the current recommendations. The data set included responses from adult academic liver transplant programs before the new bylaw. The respondent rates were within statistical limits to exclude sampling bias. All centers had a director of liver transplant anesthesia. The criteria varied between institutions, and the data suggest that the availability of resources influenced the choice of criteria. The information suggests that the criteria used in the new bylaw reflect existing practices. The bylaw plays an important role in supporting emerging leadership roles in liver transplant anesthesia and brings greater uniformity to the directorship position. Liver Transpl 19:425–430, 2013. © 2013 AASLD.