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lt23613-sup-0001-supptab1.doc147KSupporting Table 1. List of miRNA and associated P values for A-D analysis (Figure 2A main text, P<.01). * Multiple entries denote cross-species miRNA with sequence homology.
lt23613-sup-0002-supptab2.doc125KSupporting Table 2. List of miRNA and associated P values for A v B analysis (Supporting Figure 2A, P<.01)
lt23613-sup-0003-supptab3.doc150KSupporting Table 3. List of miRNA and associated P values for B v C analysis (Figure 5, P<.01). * Includes cross species miRNA
lt23613-sup-0004-suppfig1.tif2725KSupporting Figure 1: Consort diagram of patient selection. * HCV patients undergoing primary liver transplantation only ** Patients excluded; fibrosing cholestatic recurrence of HCV (n=10), undergoing re-liver transplantation (n=13), hepatocellular carcinoma (n=62), co-infection with HIV (n = 8), co-infection with HBV (n= 12), joint liver-kidney transplantation (n=1), survival less than 12 months (n=35), no 12 month liver biopsy available (n=25). *** Patients were matched according to recipient age, donor age, MELD score at transplant, viral genotype, donor-risk-index, cold-ischemia time, presence of diabetes, evidence of CMV viremia and immunosuppression regimen.
lt23613-sup-0005-suppfig2.tif579KSupporting Figure 2: miRNA expression distinguishes slow and fast progressors of HCV post transplant. (A) Hierarchical cluster analysis and cladogram for Groups A and B (P<.01). (B) Principal Component Analysis for the same data-set. miRNA list and associated P values shown in Supporting Table 2.
lt23613-sup-0006-suppinfo1.doc21KSupplementary Information
lt23613-sup-0007-suppinfo2.doc15KSupplementary Information

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