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lt23687-sup-0001-suppfig1.tif1520KSupplemental Figure 1: Percentage of patients with multiple DSAs.
lt23687-sup-0002-supptab1.doc27KSupporting Table 1: Correlation between T- and B-cell cytotoxic crossmatch and single antigen beads analysis.
lt23687-sup-0003-supptab2.doc31KSupporting Table 2: Percentage of patients with rejection ever by preformed DSA status. Median time to first rejection and interquartile ranges are calculated only on patients with rejection.
lt23687-sup-0004-supptab3.doc35KSupporting Table 3: Univariate analysis of predictors of patient survival were undertaken on the entire cohort (1270 patients) and reported if the p<0.2. These predictors were entered into stepwise multivariable modeling and only those factors with a p < 0.05 were kept in the final model (see Figure 3).
lt23687-sup-0005-supptab4.doc33KSupporting Table 4: (A) Risk for rejection and death based on MELD score. (B) Risk for death in patients with and without preformed DSA.

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