Standard liver volume in the caucasian population



Living donor and split-liver transplantation techniques require the calculation of a standard liver volume (SLV) as a reference point for the minimal volume necessary for the recipient. We therefore examined whether a widely used formula developed on the basis of a Japanese population sample was also adequate for the Caucasian population. The documentation of volumes of 1332 autopsy livers from a German Forensic Medicine Department was used to create a formula for an SLV for the Caucasian population. The Japanese formula estimated the Caucasian liver volume to be on average 322.6 ± 335.8 g (SD) less than they actually were. The following new formula for the calculation of SLV for Caucasians was established by linear regression analysis:

Liver volume (mL)

 = 1072.8 * body surface area (m2) − 345.7