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Controlled Release of DNA From Photoresponsive Hyperbranched Polyglycerols with Oligoamine Shells


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Two photo-responsive core/shell nanoparticles based on hyperbranched polyglycerol (hPG) are synthesized for controlled release of DNA. The shell is composed either of bis-(3-aminopropyl)methylamine (AMPA) or pentaethylenehexamine (PEHA) derivatives and is attached to the hPG core with a photo-responsive o-nitrobenzyl linker. Ethidium bromide displacement assay, gel electrophoresis, DLS, and ζ-potential measurements are performed with these nanoparticles. Photo-responsive changes within the carrier scaffold are investigated by irradiating the polymer solution with 350 nm monochromatic light. Fully covered APMA-shelled carriers are found to complex the DNA at an N/P ratio of 10 with an average size ranging from 54 to 78 nm depending on the degree of functionalization of the core.

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