• block copolymers;
  • cisplatin;
  • drug delivery systems;
  • poly(L-glutamic acid);
  • iRGD


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CDDP is loaded into methoxypoly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(L-glutamic acid) (mPEG-b-PLG), and a combination with iRGD is applied for NSCLC chemotherapy. The CDDP-loaded micelles show sustained cisplatin release in PBS, dose- and time-dependent inhibition to HeLa and A549 cell proliferation, and no apparent hemolysis activities. In in vivo studies using subcutaneous NSCLC xenograft models (A549), both free CDDP and CDDP-loaded micelles show an evident anti-tumor effect. However, the toxicity of CDDP is significantly reduced in the cases of CDDP-loaded micelles and co-administration with iRGD, and the survival time is prolonged by over 30%. Therefore, mPEG-b-PLG-loaded cisplatin and the combination with iRGD provides a promising new therapy for NSCLC.