• chemiluminescence;
  • colorimetry;
  • DNA;
  • hydrogels;
  • microarray


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This report describes a straightforward approach for the achievement of sub-100 micrometers size hydrogel dots supporting DNA immobilization. Hydrogel-DNA spots are arrayed and UV-crosslinked on PolyShrink, an innovative polymer material having the remarkable property of isotropically shrinking under high temperature. Curing the microarray enables then spot miniaturization, resulting in 6 µm thick and 60 µm wide hydrogel dots in which oligonucleotides are immobilized in a 3D hydrophilic environment. The probe immobilization within the hydrogel network and its capacity to detect targets specifically and quantitatively is demonstrated using chemiluminescent as well as colorimetric detection techniques. The hydrogel material improves probe accessibility within the spot, leading to an enhanced sensitivity.