• linear polarization resistance;
  • MIC;
  • polarization curve;
  • SRB;
  • X70 steel


The corrosion behaviour of API X70 immersed in a specific medium with a strain of thermophilic sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) was analysed. Anaerobic corrosion test was carry out for 32 days at 50 °C. During the exposure time, pH, sulphate (SOmath image) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) concentration were measured. Corrosion potential, linear polarization resistance and potentiodynamic polarization curve were used in order to get the influence of the SRB in the corrosion phenomenon. Scanning electron microscopy was used to determine corrosion morphology. Results show that the SRB activity influenced the overall corrosion process. The anodic branches in the polarization curves show a passivity feature, whereas, the cathodic branches were not affected. A localized corrosion attack was found.