• corrosion resistance;
  • electrochemical measurements;
  • solution treatment;
  • Ti-Ta-Sn alloys


In the present paper, the effect of Sn addition on phase constitution and corrosion behavior of Ti65Ta(35−x)Snx (x = 0, 1, 3, 5 at%) alloys has been investigated using X-ray diffraction and electrochemical measurements. The results show that the β phase is stabilized when quenching after the addition of Sn into Ti65Ta35 alloy, with Ti65Ta30Sn5 alloy consisting of single β phase at room temperature. The corrosion resistance is enhanced with increase in the Sn content. When the Sn content increases up to 5%, the addition of Sn results in a decrease of corrosion current density from 0.690 µA/cm2 of the Ti65Ta35 alloy to 0.098 µA/cm2, and corresponding passive current density decreased from 37.7 µA/cm2 of the Ti65Ta35 alloy to 9.30 µA/cm2.