Cover: Metallic structure of X1NiCrMoCu32-28-7 (UNS N08031, alloy 31, 1.4562) welded with SG-NiCr23Mo16 (FM 59, 2.4607) after 4 weeks in the vapor phase of nitrating acid (mixture of 66 % HNO3, 34 % H2SO4) at 55 °C. No further treatment of the surface was made. Corrosion behavior was investigated at BAM, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, in order to extend the BAM-List, where the suitability of materials for transport tanks carrying Dangerous Goods is evaluated.

More detailed information can be found in: R. Bäßler. M. Weltschev, H. Alves, M. Langer, Corrosion Resistance of Alloy 31 and 59 in Highly Corrosive Dangerous Goods, Proceedings NACE International Corrosion Conference 2010 San Antonio, paper 10340.