• aluminum;
  • cavitation damage;
  • crevice corrosion;
  • oxidation;
  • pitting


Corrosion and failure mechanisms on an aluminum (Al) alloy by ethylene glycol base solution have been studied. Extensive crevice corrosion damage and localized scale deposition are clearly observed between the failed Al alloy surface and the rubber hose, in which the leakage of ethylene glycol-based solution occurred under an actual operating. In addition, many micro-cracks are found at the rubber hose which is clamped with the Al alloy. The scales on the Al surface appear to be due to the occurrence of Al corrosion, followed by the precipitation of additives of ethylene glycol-based solution in the crevice between Al alloy and rubber hose. The mechanisms that can account for the crevice corrosion and solution leakage on the Al alloy surface are discussed.