• IN625;
  • NiCrAlY plasma spray coating;
  • SCWR;

In this study, IN625 and a NiCrAlY coated IN625 were tested in high density and low density supercritical water for 500 h. The NiCrAlY coating was applied using plasma spray method. The surfaces were finely polished before testing to assist microstructure observation after testing. The NiCrAlY coated samples were additionally heat treated in air furnace to encourage alumina formation. SEM and XRD analyses were carried out to determine surface microstructure changes, particularly oxide formation. The results showed that when tested under high density supercritical water, the bare IN625 sample suffered from intergranular attacking while low density supercritical water did not have the same effect. Both as-sprayed NiCrAlY and heat treated NiCrAlY did not show any signs of intergranular attack or pitting after being tested in high density and low density supercritical water.