Ternary mixes with high mineral additions contents and corrosion related properties


  • Dedicated to Professor Dr. Bernhard Elsener on the occasion of his 60th birthday


The choice of blended cements and materials with cementitious properties in concrete is currently seen as a choice that increases the environmental sustainability of the construction industry. The developments with non-traditional binders (such as the simultaneous incorporation of several types of supplementary cementitious materials) have highlighted new challenges to be researched. In the present paper ternary binders were prepared by mixing ordinary Portland cement (OPC) plus two blended components: low calcium fly ash, blast furnace slag, and/or limestone filler. Several physical and mechanical properties of ternary blend systems have been analyzed in mortar form at several curing ages: 2, 7, 28, and 90 days. Additionally preliminary tests of corrosion performance of reinforcement in these types of mixes have been considered. The results indicate that the use of appropriate content components in ternary blends will allow binders to fulfill the specified mechanical requirements. The best results are obtained when two additions with antagonist properties are mixed, as fly ashes and slags or slags and filler limestone. Besides, certain influence of the effect on durability performance is detected, in particular associated with the stability of the passive state and corrosion of reinforcements in presence of chlorides.