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Microstructural influence on corrosion properties of aluminium composites reinforced with amorphous iron borides



Aluminium composite materials reinforced with amorphous iron borides (Fe/B) have been manufactured following a powder metallurgical (PM) route. Aluminium particles were mixed with 20% (by wt.) Fe/B particles (obtained by mechanical alloying during 36 h from iron and boron powders, 50% by wt. mixture). Mixes were uniaxially pressed and sintered at different temperatures (ranging from 650 to 1100 °C). The effect of sintering temperature on the corrosion resistance of those materials has been studied and related to the formed microstructures. Moreover, those materials were compared to a wrought and a PM plain aluminium. Their behaviour is studied through cyclic anodic polarization curves in chloride media. In the Al + 20%Fe/B composites, low sintering temperatures (650–950 °C) exert a negative effect. However, when the material was sintered at high temperature (1000–110 0°C) its behaviour was very similar to the pure sintered aluminium.