• concrete;
  • durability;
  • reinforced concrete


This paper sums up the International RILEM Workshop on Present and Future Durability Challenges for Reinforced Concrete Structures, held at ETH Zurich in Switzerland on 17–18 April 2012. Major focus is put on the discussions. During the latter it was revealed that one of the key durability challenges lies in predicting the performance of new materials, where the increasing diversity of cement and concrete plays a major role. As most current engineering models are not capable of predicting actual field performance adequately, a knowledge-based approach to durability will become more important than ever. Only a scientific approach on a multi-scale and interdisciplinary level will allow predicting the performance of new materials (where no long-term experience is available for fitting purposes). This will facilitate the use of more performance-based durability design that is urgently needed to promote innovative, long-lasting solutions.