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Investigation of metal ion release from violin, viola, and cello strings after dissolution in corrosive solution



The aim of this study was to monitor the dissolution of violin, viola, and violoncello strings in order to monitor the release of metal ions during their usage. The concentration of dissolved metal ions in corrosive solution (nitric acid) is discussed. The concentration determined are decreasing in the following order: Fe3+>Cu2+>Al3+>Cr3+>Si4+>Mn2+>Ni2+>Zn2+>Mo2+>Sb2+>V2+>W2+>Sn2+. Among all investigated metal ions, nickel is far the most allergenic. The results have shown that majority of investigated samples contained nickel in their composition, in amounts that are higher than prescribed limits of 0.05%. Therefore, those items could induce contact allergic dermatitis in musicians sensitive to nickel allergy, presenting a potential threat to their health.