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Corrosion resistance of new powder metallurgy boron-containing stainless steel in the nuclear repository environment



The paper studies corrosion resistance of a new type of material in the environment of moist bentonite, which is typical for nuclear waste repository. The material was characterized by measurements of hardness, metallography, and scanning electron microscopy. Methods of impedance spectroscopy, potentiodynamic, and potentiostatic tests were used to assess corrosion resistance. The measurements were carried out in pore solution of Czech bentonite Rokle B75 and model pore solution B1600 of Volclay MX80 bentonite. It is impossible for this material that localized corrosion occur in the environment of Rokle B75. Localized corrosion may occur in the environment of Volclay MX 80 bentonite at temperatures higher than 40 °C, obviously at potentials exceeding red/ox potential of aerated pore solution.

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