Diethyl triacontanedioate (CH3CH2O2C(CH2)28CO2CH2CH3) and triacontane- 1,30-diol (HO(CH2)30OH) were prepared and condensed to synthesize poly(triacontamethylene triacontanedioate) (PTRM). The properties of (PTRM) were compared with those of commercial low density polyethylene (LDPE), and enzymatic degradation of the PTRM was investigated. PTRM showed not only high melting point of 113°C and a thermal stability comparable to LDPE. The elongation at break is low (about 5%) and the tensile strength is around 12.5 MPa, higher than that of LDPE. The small contact angles indicate that PTRM has good wettability compared with LDPE. The increase of total organic carbon by Rhizopus arrhizus lipase and the resulting change of surface morphology confirmed that PTRM is biodegradable.