Multilayer Thin Films by Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Hole- and Electron-Transport Polyelectrolytes: Optical and Electrochemical Properties



Summary: In this paper, we present the synthesis of a series of p-type and n-type semiconducting polyelectrolytes with triarylamine, oxadiazole, thiadiazole and triazine moieties. The synthesized polymeric hole and electron transport materials were examined optically and electrochemically using UV/Vis spectroscopy, PL spectroscopy and CV. Based on the optical and electrochemical data, each of the energy levels were calculated and all values suggested that they were promising hole- (p-type) or electron-transport (n-type) materials for devices. Moreover, the synthesized ionic polymers were suitable for LBL thin film deposition from dilute polymer solutions and the multilayers were fully characterized by UV/Vis, PL spectroscopy and CV.

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