• kinetics;
  • perfluoroalkyl compounds;
  • radical transfer reactions;
  • vinyl phosphonic acid


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The synthesis of oligomeric VPA structures via the CTA perfluorohexyl iodide has been investigated. NMR and MALDI-TOF MS analysis showed that the structures were produced exclusively by radical-transfer reactions. The oligomers had a molecular weight above 2 000 g · mol−1 and exhibited intra- and intermolecular anhydrous bonding. The investigation showed that the reaction is not a living (controlled) system, but follows conventional radical telomerization. The value for the transfer constant for C6F13I to VPA was found to be 3.4 at 70 °C and 4.3 at 80 °C. This high value may be partially explained by a low kmath image/kt ratio, which suggests a low kp. The oligomeric structures showed a relatively high resistance to thermal degradation.