• ADMET;
  • amorphous;
  • hydrocarbon;
  • hydrophobic;
  • telechelics


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Amorphous, hydrophobic telechelic hydrocarbon diols were synthesized using acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) polymerization. These diols can be used in hydrolysis and UV resistant polyurethanes. The hydrocarbon backbone is based on a mimic of an ethylene/isobutylene polymer, made by the ADMET polymerization of a gem-dimethyl substituted α,ω-diene followed by hydrogenation of the polymer's repeat unit unsaturation. Chain termination reactants (CTR's) having one, three, and nine methylene “spacers,” respectively, between their olefin and alcohol precursor group were used to cap the polymer chain ends to yield 2.0 functional telechelics. Use of the medium length CTR in a polymerization–depolymerization scheme, resulted in amorphous (Tg = −56 °C) telechelic diols with good molecular weight control.