Acyclic Triene Metathesis Oligo- and Polymerization of High Oleic Sun Flower Oil



High oleic sunflower oil, a renewable raw material consisting of triglycerides with internal C[DOUBLE BOND]C-double bonds, was polymerized via acyclic triene metathesis (ATMET) to highly branched and functionalized polyesters. If the Hoveyda–Grubbs second generation catalyst was used and methyl acrylate was introduced as a chain stopper, the molecular weight of the obtained polymers could be tuned by varying the ratio of the triglyceride and methyl acrylate. Using the first generation Grubbs catalyst for the polymerization of high oleic sunflower oil, no cross-linking was observed, even without the use of a chain stopper. The resulting branched materials were characterized by GPC, 1H and 13C NMR, and ESI-MS.

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