Tunable High-Molecular-Weight Anion-Exchange Membranes for Alkaline Fuel Cells



Tunable alkaline anion-exchange membranes based on QPMBV are synthesized using a bottom-up approach, miniemulsion copolymerization, which can incorporate functional groups into the copolymers with designated composition and high molecular weight. The mechanical and electrochemical properties of the obtained QPMBV membranes are tuned by varying the composition. It is found that the ion exchange capacity of the copolymer, the hydrophilicity of the copolymer chains, the molecular weight, and the glass transition temperature of the copolymers are essential to balance the mechanical and OH transport properties of QPMBV membranes. QPMBV membrane fuel cells show the best power output and the long-lasting fuel cell performance among the APE membranes in open literature.

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