In Situ Polymerisation of Polyamide-6 Nanocompounds from Caprolactam and Layered Silicates



An in situ process for the production of polyamide-6 nanocompounds is investigated as an alternative to melt compounding. During the in situ production, the layered silicates are dispersed in the monomer caprolactam before the polymerisation in a twin screw extruder, leading to an intercalation of the silicates. The production of a polyamide compound containing 0, 2 and 4 wt.-% nanoscale silicates was successful. An improvement of the elastic modulus of approximately 30–60% was reached. The figure shows the TEM micrograph of a nanocompound containing 2 wt.-% nanoclay at a magnification of 30 000×.

original image