• biomimetic surface modification;
  • epoxy coating;
  • lotus effect;
  • pattern-transfer;
  • superhydrophobicity

Biomimetic micro-structures are fabricated with a two-stage pattern transfer process on conventional epoxy coatings. The pattern transfer process uses a soft-polymer negative stamp, where the flexibility of the stamp allows for easy conformation to both flat and curved surfaces. The hydrophobicity and friction behavior of the micro-patterned epoxy coatings are systematically investigated, showing that surface patterning can be used as an effective way to improve hydrophobicity while reducing the surface adhesion and friction without a loss of the structural integrity or rigidity typical of epoxy coatings. This work demonstrates a feasible process for the utilization of biomimetic micro-patterns within large-scale industrial applications to improve the performance of conventional epoxy coatings.mame201300112-gra-0001