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Improved Performance of P3HT:PCBM-Based Solar Cells Using Nematic Liquid Crystals as a Processing Additive under Low Processing Temperature conditions


  • Supporting Information is available from the Wiley Online Library or from the author.


Nematic liquid crystals (NLCs) are introduced to P3HT:PCBM-based bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells (PSCs) as processing additives for low processing temperatures. To investigate why the addition of NLCs improves the efficiency of PSCs, the photon absorbance properties are observed using UV–vis spectroscopy and photoluminescence. Then, the degree of crystallinity of P3HT is examined through X-ray diffraction analysis. In addition, changes in the nanostructure and surface morphology of the P3HT:PCBM blend film are observed through atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy.mame201300168-gra-0001