“I know this brand, but did I like the ad?” An investigation of the familiarity-based sleeper effect



An experiment was designed to investigate the existence of the familiarity-based sleeper effect proposed by Moore and Hutchinson (1983, 1985). The study also investigated the effects of advertisement repetition on the relationship between attitude toward the ad (Aad) and attitude toward the brand (Ab). Television commercials, embedded in a 30-min television program, were used as stimuli. A between-subjects factorial design was used, with 12 cells: three ad types (positive, neutral, and negative), two repetition levels (one versus three exposures to the test commercial) and two delay conditions (Ab was measured either immediately after exposure or 7 days later). The data do not support the existence of a sleeper effect, and provide limited support for the other hypotheses proposed in the study. © 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.