Reexamining and extending the dual mediation hypothesis in an on-line advertising context



The relationship between attitude toward the advertisement (Aad) and intentions to buy (Ib) is a controversial one. The present research examines the potential for a direct relationship between Aad and Ib within an on-line advertising context, substituting Asite (attitude toward the Web site) for Aad. The article replicates previous findings with respect to the four competing Aad models they tested. The article then predicts and finds a significant Asite → Ib path based on an opportunity and motivation perspective. In terms of opportunity, Web sites contain nonproduct information that is independent of traditional measures of brand attitude (Ab), such as security, ease of use, transactional capabilities, which are likely to affect Ib. Further, on-line consumers are motivated to process this information when they visit a Web site because they cannot directly examine the products they are considering. Evidence for the opportunity and motivation perspective is provided by the decomposition of Asite into its claim and non-claim components and assessment of the Asite → Ib path across levels of motivation to process. Implications for on-line advertisers are discussed. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.