Because the Internet purchase of apparel is risky, there is a strong need to develop better visual product presentation on-line that may give some sense of fit and other tactile experience to reduce perceived risk and create pleasurable shopping experiences. Toward this end, the effect of product presentation on consumer responses was examined here. In addition, the relationships among variables were investigated to provide details of the nature of the effect of product presentation. This study employed a 2 2 between-subjects factorial design: product movement (product in motion vs. product not in motion) image size (large vs. small). Mock Web sites were created to closely mimic the design of actual Web sites. Two hundred forty-four female undergraduates logged on and evaluated two pairs of pants under the same treatment conditions. The present research showed (a) main effects for product movement on mood, perceived risk, and apparel purchase intention; (b) an interaction between product movement and image size on apparel purchase intention; (c) a negative relationship between mood and perceived risk; (d) a positive relationship between mood and apparel purchase intention; (e) a negative relationship between perceived risk and apparel purchase intention; and (f) mediating relationships among variables. Based on the results, apparel e-tailers are advised to create positive mood using product rotation to decrease shoppers' perceived risk and increase purchase intent. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.