Validity, reliability, and applicability of psychophysiological techniques in marketing research



A variety of psychophysiological techniques have been used in the measurement of consumer reactions to marketing stimuli since the 60s. The objectives of this paper are: (1) to present a descriptive review of the psychophysiological techniques and (2) to discuss critical concerns about validity, reliability, and applicability of these psychophysiological techniques raised by previous research. The strengths and weaknesses of ten major psychophysiological techniques are analyzed on the basis of the summaries of 67 marketing studies that have employed psychophysiological techniques. This study shows a need for marketing research to establish validity and reliability and to emphasize applicability when psychophysiological techniques are to be used. Meeting such a need requires an understanding of the nuanced psychophysiological process that links particular psychological antecedents and the physiological consequences being measured. A framework for analyzing this psychophysiological process in marketing research is provided. © 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.