Comparing the perceived value of information and entertainment mobile services



The importance of perceived value in customer decision making is well known. However, few studies assess empirically the direct effects of various perceived value dimensions on post-purchase behavior. This article examines differences between information and entertainment mobile content service users in how their value perceptions influence intentions to repurchase, intentions to spread positive word of mouth, and willingness to pay a price premium. The direct effects of four value dimensions are analyzed: monetary, convenience, emotional, and social value. Within this study we also propose and test the antecedent effects of conditional and epistemic value. This approach advances the value literature through increasing our understanding of how individual value dimensions influence post-purchase behavior and of the role of epistemic and conditional value. Using a sample of 579 mobile service users, results are analyzed with multi-group structural equation modeling. The findings support use of multidimensional value and loyalty constructs to identify differences between service user groups, and argue for the use of differentiated value-based marketing strategies for entertainment and information mobile services. © 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.