Dimensional mapping: Applying DQR and MDS to explore the perceptions of seniors' role in advertising



Dimensional qualitative research (DQR) provides a sound conceptual basis for studying complex problems and developing the psychologically sensitive theory needed in marketing. This article proposes dimensional mapping as a method qualified to enhance the application of DQR, contributing to theory development in consumer behavior. The authors show how multidimensional scaling (MDS) can be applied in a mixed method approach for analyzing rich qualitative data. They discuss potential advantages of using MDS in a qualitative– quantitative research framework (e.g., openness to the data, taking participants' perspective, metric data level, accounting for fuzzy data, reliability, and validity) in combination with the BASIC IDS proposed by Cohen (1999b) in order to evaluate the comprehensiveness of the results and derive psychologically meaningful conclusions and implications. The proposed approach is illustrated in an exemplary empirical study investigating the perception of seniors' role in advertising. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.