In “Do Consumption Goals Matter? The Effects of Online Loyalty Programs in the Satisfaction-Loyalty Relation,” by Suh and Yi [published in Psychology & Marketing 2012;29(8):549-557. DOI: 10.1002/mar.20542], Table 1 contained an incorrect heading.

The correct table is reproduced in its entirety below. We apologize for the error.

Table 1. Path Coefficients for Online Store Loyalty
 Hedonic goal group estimate (t-value)Utilitarian goal group estimate (t-value)Chi-square differences (p-value)
  1. *p < .05

  2. CS: Customer Satisfaction

  3. PL: Program Loyalty

CS[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]Loyalty0.296(2.713)*0.456(3.580)*1.001(.317)
Hedonic PL[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]Loyalty0.358(3.123)*0.039(0.353)3.831(.050)
Utilitarian PL[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]Loyalty−0.004(0.030)0.454(3.267)*4.507(.034)
CS[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]Hedonic PL0.322(2.995)*0.359(2.709)*0.002(.962)
CS[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]Utilitarian PL0.246(2.615)*0.298(2.391)*0.001(.981)