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The Role of Ad-Evoked Consumption Visions in Predicting Brand Attitudes: A Relevancy Principle Model


  • This research was supported by grants from the National Science Council in Taiwan.

Correspondence regarding this article should be sent to: Chingching Chang, Department of Advertising, National Chengchi University, 64, Sect. 2, Zhi-nan Road, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. (


This study examined ad-evoked consumption visions to argue that when people are concerned about consumption experiences, they consider consumption visions relevant in formulating brand attitudes. To the degree that consumers perceive consumption visions as relevant, they should significantly influence brand attitudes. This research proposed a relevancy principle model to show that three possible factors likely enhance the relevancy of consumption visions and thus increase their influences on brand attitudes: product characteristics (i.e., hedonic nature), ad characteristics (i.e., consumption ad copy), and consumer characteristics (i.e., processing styles).