• click chemistry;
  • polyaddition;
  • polyesters;
  • step-growth polymerization;
  • thermal properties


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A “click” polymerization of dialkynes that contain an ester linkages and diazides to has been performed to synthesize various polyesters, termed “click polyesters” with a high equation image of 1.0 × 104 to 7.0 × 104 in an excellent yield. This polymerization accompanied a formation of 1,4-disubstituted triazoles in the polyester main chain by a CuI catalyst. The triazole ring formation in the polyester main chain leads to improved thermal properties and enhancement of the even–odd effect of methylene chain length of the produced click polyesters. This report is the first report of the application of click chemistry to synthesize a series of polyesters under mild conditions.