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A Main-Chain de Vries Smectic Liquid Crystal Polymer Prepared by Hoveyda–Grubbs Catalyst Initiated Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymerization



A main-chain liquid crystalline polymer has been obtained by applying a Hoveyda–Grubbs 2nd generation catalyst in acyclic diene metathesis polymerization (ADMET) of a monomer containing on one end a terminal dimethylvinylsilyl group and at the other end a terminal C[BOND]C double bond. This material showed an interesting Iso-de Vries SmA* – SmC* – Glass phase transition with a very small layer shrinkage on progressing from the SmA* phase into the SmC* phase. Will this material present a helical structure along the fiber axis in the SmC* temperature range? Several physical characterization methods including XRD, optical observation, and microtome technique have been used to investigate the internal structural organization in this liquid crystalline fiber.

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